Mark Williams

I work hard, I do the best work I can, then I go home and be Dad

I always reckoned the first day of my career was my first day at college
So I went at it pretty hard from the start.
And it paid off.
I graduated top of my class.
Off I went to work in London.
First, Leagus Delaney.
Next came Saatchi’s
And then an offer to work at BBH.
But for one reason or another I had to move back up north.
(my wife was expecting)
Got a job at Poulters.
Worked on Morrisons and Foxes Biscuits
Got a job at Propaganda.
Spent two years working on Tiscali, Northern Dairies and Little Nipper Mouse Traps.
Freelanced for PWLC on the sly.
Pulled off the impossible - wrote an award winning TV ad for DFS.
Moved to Scotland and The Union in Edinburgh.
Loved it.
Won awards for clients like Whyte & Mackay, Human Writes and Vladivar Vodka.
Took a job at The Leith Agency.
Learned a lot working on Grolsch, Coors, IRN-BRU and Standard Life Bank.
Left to go to GRP, an agency that had never won a creative award.
Won a D&AD yellow pencil, got a Nomination in Book and picked up an Epica.
All in all, I won over 30 regional national and international shiny things.
Back to England and back to Propaganda.
Within 12 months picked up as many awards.
2010, we were the only agency outside London’s elite to pick up a Creative Circle award.
The same year we joined an international A-list of the worlds top agencies by winning a Kinsale Shark.
Since then the agency has won more awards and been nominated at Creative Circle again.
Also made a short film at Pinewood studios with Bafta award winning actress Vicky Mcclure,
worked with comedy genius David Schneider on a TV commercial and listened to BBC radio 2’s presenter, Jeremy Vine tell his 8 million listeners to go online and watch my animated film ‘Dark Angel’.
New Chapter.
Joined LOVE.
Worked on Virgin, Nike, Adidas and all things Diageo including shooting Johnnie Walker's
multi-million pound TV ad with world-renowned director Jake Scott.
Left LOVE.
Gone freelance.
Working for agencies big and small across the UK, Europe and UAE.