Virgin Atlantic - Movies from above

Client: Virgin Atlantic

Brief: Through a sponsored presence at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Virgin wanted to be the film industry’s no 1 choice when it came to flying

We captured iconic movie moments seen from a Virgin Atlantic plane
These appeared as OOH and also as an online game

I had a lot of fun putting this campaign together and had plenty of great choices - see the ones that didn't quite make it below

The ridiculously talented people at Flipbook created these cinema commercials

I got seriously geeky on this one, finding the exact coordinates of the movie locations

My oldest son told all his mates that he was a model on a shoot. Probably not what he had in mind

I found this while going through some old notebooks. There were lots of films we could've used in this campaign and I'm pretty happy with the ones we ended up doing but I think there were a few that got away. Jaws (shark attack in the water on a busy beach) Peter Pan and LOTR (Scribbles above)

  • Role Writer / Art Director

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