Government - Sexual Health Project

Client: Scottish Government

Brief: A section of Scottish teens know next to nothing about sexual health.
The result is the highest numbers of teenage pregnancies and STDs
Create a vehicle that will educate, engage and entertain without any
annoying governmental finger wagging

15,000 books produced. 42 original illustrations created. Over 30 regional, national and international awards won including a D&AD Yellow Pencil

Books can look a bit flat in a portfolio. So I asked my very talented friends at Flipbook to bring them to life with the help of Miss Hooly’s voice from Balamory

To celebrate winning Client of the year we created this print ad showing the legendary Nicki Coia receiving the award

We commissioned Fine Artist Alan MaGowan to produce 42 illustrations. Each one took 3-5 days to produce

We didn’t want a government logo anywhere near the work so I created this design with the help of illustrator Susan Scott

  • Role Art Director / Typographer / CD

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